Our MOM’S MORNING OUT program is designed to give you the most flexibility possible and to offer your little one a chance to ease into the school setting. With time for play, arts and crafts and stories the program offers a fun filled day for the children and a chance for Mom to get things done!

2 Year Olds

Our 2 year old program is designed for children from 24 to 36 months and is designed to help them embrace a new independence as they move from the toddler stage. We encourage our 2’s to explore and express themselves as they test this new found independence. Our activities and efforts with this group center […]

3 Year Olds

Our 3 year program is for 36 – 48 month old children. During this time, medicine we begin to add more instruction to the day as well as specific time for extra curricular activities. This stage is an active time for the child’s social development, physical co-ordination and vocabulary. We structure our day to encourage […]

4 Year Olds

Our 4 year old program is for children who are 48 – 60 months old. The curriculum emphasizes preparation for Kindergarten and includes songs, viagra buy games and instructional time for learning the ABC’s, here numbers and expanding vocabulary. The children are becoming active helpers in the classroom and are forming closer friendship. The 4’s […]

Extra Curricular

As the children get older, prescription we begin to introduce extra curricular activities into their days. We take a break from the more self directed play and learning that the children participate in during the day and create times for specific activities. These enrichment opportunities include: Physical Education (PE) Music Art Spanish Chapel Brick by […]

Fun Fridays

A session specially developed for our 2 year olds. This class is offered Friday’s from 9:00 to 12:30 and is a great way for your child to ‘warm in’ to a classroom setting.